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Stephen Patten

Steve is the Publisher of the Maryland & Washington, DC Beverage Journals (trade publications serving the licensed beverage industries of said markets).

Recent Posts

  • 2014 ABL Conference

    American Beverage Licensees (ABL) will return to Washington, D.C. for the 2014 ABL Conference from June 8th through the10th. The 2014 conference will mark ABL’s 12th anniversary and brings together beer, wine and spirits retailers from across the country as well as representatives from all three tiers of the beverage alcohol industry.  ABL Execu ...
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  • 2014 Beverage Industry Lobby Day

    This 2014 Maryland General Assembly Session is underway and retailers have two options: sit back and watch and hope all turns out well, or be actively engaged and impact the outcome in a way that helps your business.  Please make it a top priority to join with members of the Maryland Beer Wholesalers Association (MBWA) and the Maryland State Lice ...
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  • Maryland’s Multi-Billion Dollar Impact

    Eighty years ago Maryland approved ratification of the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ultimately repealing the 18th Amendment and ending Prohibition. Today, Maryland’s wine and spirits industry supports a multi-million dollar economy, employs thousands of workers, and provides millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state and federal go ...
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  • Protect Your Livelihood, Get Involved

    November 2013 … the Maryland 2014 Legislative session is just around the corner.  There is no doubt that chain store legislation will again be introduced.  This is a dangerous prospect to the independent beer, wine and liquor store.  It is in you and your business’ best interest to get involved and be prepared to defend your position to your state ...
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Edward "Teddy" Durgin

Teddy is a graduate of UMBC. In additional to his Beverage Journal writing duties, he is an entertainment reviewer.

Recent Posts

  • Withall Finds a Home at The Hamilton

    Samantha Withall, Beverage Director at The Hamilton on 14th Street, has certainly bounced around the biz locally.  She has been a chef for nearly a decade, having worked at such venues as Cafe Atlantico and Restaurant Nora and helping to open Minibar on E Street and Oyamel Cocina Mexicano.  At one point, she got out of the kitchen and served as P ...
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  • Beso del Sol Sangria

    … Aims for Mucho Success In Maryland and D.C. In early March, Beso del Sol Sangria expanded distribution to 10 states, including Maryland and the District of Columbia. The product is a joint venture between Arctic Beverage LLC and L&B, LLC, which have endeavored to bring a premium product in the high-growth sangria category to market. Arctic Bev ...
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  • Tim Schestag: Making a Fist at Palm Bay

    Whenever an Industry Snapshot subject tells me he is gotten into boxing in his spare time, I have to fight the urge to frontload the article with all sorts of fight cliches.  "When he got into the beverage business, he had the eye of the tiger ... and he still does!" "He's been punching and counter-punching in our industry for 10 years now."  "Hi ...
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  • DC Coast Enjoys the Highs With Lauren Lowe

    It's been eight years since Lauren Lowe made the move from the wilds of Michigan to Washington, D.C.  A part of her is still getting used to the transition.  "I lived in Michigan until I was 22," she stated.  "Needless to say, there is a thriving city life here in comparison to where I'm from." Lowe has been part of that thriving city life for e ...
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  • Keith Kerkoff: How Templeton Rye Went Legit

    In the 1987 movie "The Untouchables," Sean Connery's Irish beat cop famously instructed Kevin Costner's Eliot Ness on the "Chicago way" to get Al Capone and his notorious gang: "They pull a knife, you pull a gun.  He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue!" Well, if it had been Keith Kerkoff in that scene, he would ...
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Robert Plotkin

Roberto is a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and author of 16 books on bartending and beverage management including Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails.

Recent Posts

  • Up-Selling: A Practitioner’s Guide To Selling the Good Stuff

    The appeal of premium spirits cuts across age and cultural demographic lines. The spirits industry has done a marvelous job positioning premium brands with contemporary consumers. Their allure is undeniable. They’re marketed in attention grabbing packages and offer people a lot of bang for the buck. That’s an unbeatable combination. As with most ...
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  • Drams of Eire: The Irish Boom Continues

    While bourbon and Scotch get more press, Irish whiskeys have quietly become the fastest growing, barrel-aged spirit in America. So what’s the attraction? It may be no more complicated than Irish whiskeys are exceptionally easy to drink. They’re accessible, highly aromatic and loaded with palate pleasing flavors. Equally tempting, years of steadi ...
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  • American Whiskeys Trending UPWARDS

    The 5 Trends Sending American Whiskeys Upward As the adage goes, people drink in good economic times and bad. It seems especially true for the American whiskey category, which according to Beverage Information Group grew an impressive 3 percent to 15.7 million 9-liter cases. Prosperity will eventually return, but the question remains, will America ...
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  • The Second Coming of Pisco

    The ongoing cocktail renaissance has propelled pisco into the limelight and onto American backbars. Bartenders on both coasts have come to appreciate its unrivaled mixability and universally appealing character. All of our futures should be so bright. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time that pisco has made it big in the States. During ...
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Alan Horton

Al Horton retired after 27 years with Bob Hall LLC, a beer distributor in Upper Marlboro, MD. In addition to his journalistic duties for The Beverage Journal, Al is currently an Adjunct Business Instructor at Anne Arundel Community College.

Recent Posts

  • Blue Point Toasted Lager

    Twenty nine years ago the Blue Point Brewing Company, Long Island’s first significant microbrewery, was founded in Patchogue, New York by two old friends - Mark Burland and Peter Cooper. Unlike most microbreweries, Blue Point’s first beer was a lager rather than ale.  This was risky business as lagers require much more care throughout the brewing ...
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  • Beer Festivals: A Recent Marketing Initiative

    Beer marketing practices have changed rapidly in recent years and continue to evolve. It wasn’t long ago that local beer marketing consisted of the “beer man” bellying up to the bar and buying a couple rounds. While bar nights and trade spending still exist they have been eclipsed by other practices, but the one element that hasn’t changed from t ...
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  • Terrapin’s Mosaic Red Rye IPA

    Mosaic Red Rye IPA is a euphonious name for a beer. The name is quite a mouthful, and so is the beer.  This Rye based IPA is brewed by the award-winning Terrapin Brewery located in Athens, Georgia, which began brewing operations in 2002.  Terrapin brews a wide range of full flavored ales that are well balanced and not over the top in any way. Mu ...
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  • Spitfire Kentish Ale “The Bottle of Britain”

    Spitfire Kentish Ale has an interesting back-story.  During World War II, Messerschmidt fighters from the German Luftwaffe dominated the air war over Britain until the Spitfire, a new Rolls Royce powered airplane, entered the fray and changed the outcome of the Battle of Britain. In 1990, fifty years after the battle, Shepherd Neame, Britain’s ol ...
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  • Van Mitchell: Retailer-Legislator-Administrator and Lobbyist

    Over the years, there have been several retailers and wholesalers who have served in the Maryland Legislature.  Names like Pete Bozick, Jim Simpson, Cas Taylor and former Delegate James King come to mind, but very few have had such diverse experience in business, the legislature, government agencies and the alcohol beverage industry as Van Mitche ...
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Beverage Network

The Beverage Network publications have been providing beverage alcohol licensees with pertinent business information for seventy-five years. Each publication of The Beverage Network has always been the #1 source for communicating new products and promotions, marketing information, and brand and price listings of beverage alcohol products.

Recent Posts

  • GIN 101:The Many Styles of Gin

    Benchmark London Dry style With forward juniper and a dry palate, these are the ticket for fans of authentic gin. ... ...
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  • GIN ReimaGINed

    No longer simply juniper, this spirit can be classic or creative, modern or mystical According to conventional wisdom, and to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, gin is a distilled spirit with its main flavor derived from juniper berries. That leaves a lot of room for interpretation. ... ...
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  • Tequila 101

    Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, which resembles a cactus but is actually a member of the lily family. At the heart of the plant is the “piña” (similar in appearance to a pineapple), which produces the aguamiel (“honey water”) that is fermented and distilled. Tequila may only be produced in designated areas of Mexico, most notably the ...
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  • Tequila To the Max

    In a bigger, faster world, tequila expands to higher price points and showcases innovations. Innovation can mean many things, but for spirits retailers, innovation in tequila has delivered a growing business with a much more lucrative ring. ... ...
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  • Whiskey’s Brightest Spot: The Irish Surge is Just Beginning

    If you’re looking for bright spots in the world of Irish whiskey, it’s hard not to find them. The question is where to start. For example, ground has recently been broken in County Carlow for the new 25 million pound Walsh Whiskey Distillery, a venture backed by the Italian makers of Disaronno Liqueur. Meanwhile to the northwest, William Grant & ...
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