• Bottling a Legacy

    When people think of wine, what often comes to mind is a sense of tradition, a diverse richness that can speak volumes of its origin. With House of Mandela wine, it is all of that and then some. The wines
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  • Have a Seat...

    ...and a Blue Chair Bay Rum:   On country superstar Kenny Chesney's current U.S. tour, fans can walk through the singer's American Kids bus.  Inside, there are displays that tell the story of the singer's music; his lifestyle; and, most
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  • 360 Vodka ...

    ...Connecting With Wounded Veterans:    It's perfectly fine to buy one's self a drink because you just want to feel good.  Well, if you buy 360 Vodka's latest limited edition bottle, you will more than feel good.  You'll be doing
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The Maryland and Washington, DC Beverage Journals are the official trade magazines of the licensed beverage industries of said markets and have been for over 75 years.  Subscribers consider the publication the "Bible" of the industry. 

Who Reads the Beverage Journal?

The Members of the Licensed Beverage Industry.

Who are the Members of the Licensed Beverage Industry?

Owners and managers of Restaurants, Package Stores, Bars, Taverns, Night Clubs, Hotels, Private Clubs, Caterers … anyone with the license to sell Beer, Wine, and/or Liquor. 

How many of the Members of the Industry receive The Beverage Journal Each Month? 

Almost 6,000.